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This is the dumbest **** I have ever seen. I can't even begin on this. I read through his first portion on losing 100 pounds, and every single claim he cites is a single mechanism taken wildly out of context. I mean, his first citation on cereal grains links to an article that doesn't say "Avoid them", but simply points out that substituting homogenous foods with low nutrient density for a variety of foods can result in certain nutrient deficiencies. Yet this is part of his rationale for avoiding all grains.

It's bro science... the entire thing. The entire god damn website. I have never seen a more carefully constructed pile of ******** in my life.

For grins, I'm reading comments. Every time he gets called out, he basically states "You haven't read the literature". Great defense. "You're wrong because I know more".


Just, wow..
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