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Originally Posted by JoelDali View Post
I grieved after losing Districts and our team lost 3-2. I grieved and I grieved for weeks on end. I called my Dad and grieved a little bit to him. Then I grieved to Harrison Ford when I helped him setup his wireless network. I grieve to anyone that cares to listen actually. I grieved to Dennis and he socked me in the face for being an idiot and taking league tennis so seriously. Then I woke up and realized what a jackass tennis folks make of themselves taking rec tennis so seriously after watching softball league games on 9th and 27th street and seeing grown men act like they're Derek Jeter, trying to impress me as my dog drops perfectly placed blobs on the sidewalk. No one is watching you, Mr. 4.0 tennis guy. No one. Even when you catch them looking at you when you make a decent GOAT shot. No one is admiring you. But go ahead and believe it if you want.

It's a sad cruel world.
You just brought my world crashing down

damn you Dali

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