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Originally Posted by dominikk1985 View Post
If you really only play once a week I would not waste a lot of money for restringing the backup racket. restring it once a year and if a string breaks on your regular racket finish the session with that old string.

If you are more competitive and play 2-3 times a week I would rotate between both rackets and try to use them up evenly.
In a good week I'd probably get about 4-5 sessions in. But then again, I only play recreationally and am quite the novice still, so I might not hit with enough pace and spin yet that would otherwise affect the life of the string, although I'm not even sure if that would make a difference.

Regardless, I think I will follow the advice of using both racquets equally; that seems to be the consensus here. Once I get over being cheap, maybe I'll restring both every month or two just to be safe; that way I won't need to stress over it too much.

One other question while I'm at it. When I finally do put the racquets away for the season, would it be best to cut the strings out while in storage? I plan to restring them at the beginning of the season anyway. I just figured it might be healthier for the frames if they weren't placed under any unnecessary stress by the tension of the strings.
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