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I'll try to describe the X-Ray. From the front view, at the top of the leg bone (tibia I would assume) directly beneath my kneecap, on the inside portion, there was what looked like a very thin line shaped like " / ". At the bottom of the " / " was a little protrusion sticking out the side of that bone.

On the x-ray from the back view you couldn't see the thin line but you could still see the little protrusion sticking out the side.

The larger lower leg bone is the tibia and the area you describe (on the top surface of the tibia, below the patella) is the tibial plateau. The "protrusion" may be a piece of the tibial bone, but the full dimensions of it (small slender chip of bone vs larger dispalced segment) can be difficult to read on plain x-rays. It may also be a fragment of another bone, though that is less likely.

The MRI will give more information about the joint itself and any other structures, other than bone, that may be injured.

Bummer of an injury. Five matches is a lot to play in 3 days. I play a lot of tournaments and have been lucky to get to the finals, or at least go fairly deep, at times. So I have played 4-5 matches in a (3 day) weekend. In the early rounds I probe my opponents' skills to try to find ways to make the wins easy on myself physically. So far (up to the 4.0 level I am at - you are probably at a higher level), I find many opponents who will still self destruct on a steady diet of junk balls, moonballs, dinks, etc. It's not fun to win that way but I figure if someone cannot handily beat that sort of stuff, they are not very good. So I win without expending much energy and get to keep moving on till I finally get to a better quality opponent who I can actually have a fun challenge playing.

Hang in there - just a few more days till the MRI and then you can talk with the Ortho about the next steps.

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