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Originally Posted by WildVolley View Post
One of the things I've always found different about the Nadal fh, and especially his rodeo finish fhs is how quickly his shoulder rotation stops. He almost does stop his shoulder rotation at contact on many shots, much more like what you'd see on a ohbh. It provides that odd abrupt look to his fh strokes when watched in real time.

However, how much torso rotation slows really depends on the player and shot. I believe that the core comes into play by stiffening and slowing torso rotation just prior to contact.
Interesting observation. Rafa's torso pretty much ends up facing the net at the completion of his rodeo finish. In contrast, this video shows one of his more conventional finishes on a high ball that goes across his chest. In this case, we see that his torso does slow down at contact but still continues to rotate after contact (more than 60 degrees).
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