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Originally Posted by r5d3 View Post
What, and Fila is not a global brand? Puma? Sergio Tachini? Wilson? Hell, even Reebok, as far as tennis is concerned, is niche. Perhaps, Lacoste has a larger share of the market than some of the others I mentioned (perhaps not, I don't know) but they're still very much a niche brand, as is, of course, Uniqlo. Tennis is dominated by Nike and Adidas, and all I was saying is that it would be nice for a #3 to join their company. I highly doubt Lacoste will be that #3, but perhaps Uniqlo can get there. I always figured Reebok would take a larger chunk of the market, but that didn't happen either.

I'll concede that Lacoste is probably #3 right now, and certainly in Europe, as in America almost nobody plays with Lacoste. In '86, when I left Germany, Adidas was already starting to corner the local market, so I'm sure their foothold has only gotten stronger.
Lacoste is definitely not a niche brand in any way, if Lacoste is a niche brand then so is Ralph Lauren....and well almost every self respecting gentlemen has a piece of Ralph Lauren in their closet.
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