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Agreed Power Player. I was just trying to make the point that flexy racquets seem to provide more spin in tighter patterns than stiffer ones? Of course the open pattern equivalent will provide more spin, and I'm not suggesting that you can't get spin out of any racquet if you have great technique. What I am suggesting is that some flexy tight patterns can provide as much spin as stiffer open patterns and that flexy open patterns can provide a seriously 'heavy' ball, particularly with some weight in the head?

All of these H19's, H22's and Pro Stock Blades have a fair amount of weight in the head without lead, and hence hit a heavy ball stock. With more flex, more spin again. With stiffer layups, faster ball or more power, but less spin?

This is what I'm going through at the moment, my racquets are in the early 340's static weight with balances over 33.5 and hit heavy balls but the tradeoff is the ability to use your hands at the net or in the event of a bad bounce?

I'm now looking for a good setup for quick hard court or grass, where I've been using my 231.2 which is the same static weight but much more head light? Will try the h19's I got on Friday now with balance 32, static weight 348 at standard length now and see how they compare? Also throwing a Clilic 231.3 in there with about 5 more grams in there with an open pattern, interesting comparison..
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