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Default For the few that will care - Mazda planning new RX-7 for 2017

This news made my day, as my username will attest to. I've always been a big fan of the RX-7 in all its incarnations, despite the practicality of owning one being slim to nil.

Yeah, it had horrendous gas mileage, a tendency to drink oil like there's no tomorrow, the literal need to rev the engine high (because let's face it - the rotary engine was meant to be DRIVEN) and was overall expensive to maintain. But it was also one of the finest handling sports cars on the planet, with an motor that was butter smooth throughout the entire range, and the auto geek in my is rejoicing at the rotary being given another shot even if it is aimed for five years down the road.

Pistons? Valves? Give me rotor housings and apex seals any day
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