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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
Sports place near me is having a liquidiation sale and I can get a reel for around $100, so am thinking of taking a punt.
That is a bargain, I wish I could find it at $100/reel.

Am surprised by the differences in comments from the RSI playtesters:

Originally Posted by Torres View Post
Can anyone describe the characteristics of this string, how it plays, and comparisons with say Black Magic?
It is definitely not your run of the mill poly. Someone else on the boards described it as playing almost like a stiffer multi. That is pretty accurate IMO. I like Black Magic and a couple of guys I string for use it. But, at tension (52), you can feel it in your arm when you finish with Black Magic. As I noted elsewhere, Beast is super arm friendly. I'm actually going to up my tension about 4 pounds.

There is also a Beast Attack multi which has been seriously touted as a great combination. I've got a couple of sets of it as well.

From my perspective, compared against Black Magic:

Power Beast >>> Black Magic
Comfort Beast >>>>>> Black Magic
Control Black Magic > Beast
Touch Beast >>>> Black Magic
Spin Beast = Black Magic
Durability Black Magic >>> Beast

The greater signs are meant to indicate varying degree of difference for you. The Beast is probably going to be my go to.
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