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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
^ Thanks for that.
No problem!

From what you suggest it sounds like Beast is a pretty powerful, comfortable, feel based poly?

Yes, IME, it is completely suitable to serve/volley tennis. It does play really closely from a touch perspective to a multi.

Does it play 'elasticky' or firm ie little 'give' to the strings?

The best descriptor I've seen, and I agree with, is "plush". It plays very solid, you can feel the stringbed give, and you get the benefits of poly without the downside of fatigue in your arm and that brick-like feeling you always get using 1st gen polys.

And how long would you say it lasts before going dead?

That I cannot answer at present. I've played about 7 times with a set, and regrettably tore a calf muscle last Sunday. Then I got a hematoma. My doctor says I'll be sidelined 2 - 6 weeks which is OK, cause it is November.

From what I've seen though, it won't have the same durability as Luxilon, but I'm really really OK with that given the other attributes; i.e. comfort, playability and arm friendliness.
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