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I agree , he should have aimed everything at the middle of the court to overcome this position he was in , I spoke with him about how temperamental some of these college players can be such as Saba and that losing to a 16 yr old fair and square is out of the question for them.

He was raised to play fair so when he sees a kid that's at a D1 school like Duke I think he was expecting integrity but that wasn't to be found and his responce to it was immature .
Saba overruled by the refs more than 3 times and nothing was done? Strange that Saba would dare to make so many bad calls in front of his coach and many other spectators! Usta people were there, other college coaches, kids and the spectators. Either he does not care and is really a bad seed, or I think that maybe the story is not very accurate. Would be interesting to hear the other side or a third party account.
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