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I haven't yet got around to get myself a license (I've basically been throwing money away on games instead, it's probably time I act like a responsible 18-year old now...), but the RX-7 is something that's rather intriguing in my mind and I'm glad that they're planning to release a new one. I think the previous generation was a thing of beauty and I'm sure it drove pretty epically as well.

Now, if only teenagers in hoods would stop trying to impress pre-pubescent girls and their Fast and Furious-loving friends by ruining the body of every single one, and the CRX, and the older Skylines, and the Silvias, and the Supra, and that list just goes on and on.

The list just goes on and on, and I don't want a Porsche 944 as a first car (well, they're very cheap-ish, a few months work) but it seems the only viable option because it hasn't been ruined by a pimpled man who never once backed away from his car and thought "that looks absolutely horrible!".
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