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Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
^^ Poor throttle response is OK with sports car enthusiasts? Surprising! My point was that even for a sports car it's a lousy engine; the patent on rotary engines expired long ago so any manufacturer can use the design, yet NOBODY else who builds drivers' cars has the least bit of interest in this engine design. This engine has been around since the 1960s and simply never caught on.
Huh, how'd I miss that? Guess I focused too much on the latter two points... well, might as well say this now; not one person I've talked about this car (mechanics, past drivers, etc...) has ever listed throttle control as a complaint. If anything, I've heard raves about how the response is smooth and even the whole way through (unless the car's turbo'd, but that sudden jolt is normal for FI). If you mean the throttle's too sensitive... I see that as more of a right foot issue. Maybe I've gotta search forums more, or something, but you're the first person to bring this up. Care to elaborate?

Why WOULD anyone else want to to take a shot at this engine? Mazda saw Wankel's design, developed cars with it that were reasonably profitable (again, not a bad thing, I doubt cars like the Supra or 300 ZX were the backbone of Toyota's/Nissan's bottom line) but not to the point where others felt it was worth putting in R&D time. They dug out a niche, and I doubt any other car company felt like it was worth it to try and work themselves into it - when the FB first came out, Mazda already had a head start on automotive rotaries for a number of years. Had Nissan or Honda tried to come out with a rotary, it probably would have worked as well, but there was no way people would have bought theirs over Mazda's.

I don't think we're disagreeing that much - the rotary engine IS inefficient, it DOES have horrendous mileage and it DOES give the environment the finger. No one sane could argue otherwise. It just so happens that all the cars to use it also happen to be phenomenally fun to drive, and a big part of that comes from the inherent characteristics of the rotary.

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