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I to volley better from the backhand side and thinking about it...I think it's probably for the exact same reasons. I'd like to know from one of the teaching pros why this seems to be the case....Timbo? Is there any truth to this or is this in our imagination?

Originally Posted by corbind View Post
Doubles players: which is better your backhand or forehand volley and why? (Complete the poll if applicable)

I play doubles most of the time and somehow I volley better backhand than forehand. I've thought about it quite a bit and it's due to a few things:
  • BH the ball is usually out in front of my body
  • BH volleys I usually watch the ball to the racquet
  • FH volleys often are parallel to my waist/hip so not in front as much
  • FH volleys I often don't watch the ball beginning about 4' in front of me to the stick
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