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Originally Posted by xeropwnage View Post
In a good week I'd probably get about 4-5 sessions in. But then again, I only play recreationally and am quite the novice still, so I might not hit with enough pace and spin yet that would otherwise affect the life of the string, although I'm not even sure if that would make a difference.

Regardless, I think I will follow the advice of using both racquets equally; that seems to be the consensus here. Once I get over being cheap, maybe I'll restring both every month or two just to be safe; that way I won't need to stress over it too much.

One other question while I'm at it. When I finally do put the racquets away for the season, would it be best to cut the strings out while in storage? I plan to restring them at the beginning of the season anyway. I just figured it might be healthier for the frames if they weren't placed under any unnecessary stress by the tension of the strings.
If you are still at the novice levels, I'd say ditch the poly and get some syn gut or a multi in those frames. You'll get better feel, better comfort/safety for you arm, a longer lasting string, and you pretty much can stop worrying about restringing because they'll probably be good until they break.

You'll need a fairly developed stroke to get anything out of poly, otherwise its just a lot of hassle for very little benefit.
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