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Default Delpo with Li-Ning starting 2013 and other new stuff

Was at an event this past week in Paris and saw that Delpo will be with Li-Ning next yr, not clear if it was Jan 1 or later in 2013 but a dal was done he's gone from Nike. Tecnifibre has a "concept shoe" that was designed by Philippe Barsol - Red, Black and Silver with a freaking weird triangle shaped heel (it could be posted on facebook shomewhere per Tecnifibre - it's in discussions that Major Sports what's to get into the shoe biz -

Also saw the new Asics stuff for LaMonf....Asics HUGE in France and will be pushing this stuff hard - expect to see LaMonfs as the face of Asics all over the place after Jan 1.

Also saw the new Babolat Wimbledon SFX shoe called the SFX ET Drive - in white with some purple and green trim and the Wimby logo - due out April 2013.
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