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Originally Posted by high and deep View Post
What is the USTA's position on the use of green balls in tournaments and is anything going to be changing in the next year.

Here in Tennessee they are being used in the 12's novice (level 5's) in some events but not in all level 5's. They are not used in any level 4's or above.

I had heard USTA was going to mandate 12's going to green ball...

Any news or resources would be appreciated
I think this green ball is the best thing to ever happen to the 10 yr old diviions. Its been 6-8 years since my kids have been in 10 and under. I saw one of the sectional tournaments recently and was shocked that the kids were hitting flatter top spin shots and actually constructing points. Back when they used normal balls there was moon balling with really crappy strokes. The kids who won were mostly heavy big kids who could hit the live ball too fast for any little kid to cover. The other kids were the dinkers and moonballers who just tried to hit high and bounce the ball out of strike zones. The tennis was horrible and a waste of time back with the live ball. Kids back then were rewarded for hitting frusteating type of shots instead of building technique and strategy. I can see the improvement in technique already. Thank you USTA for making the move to low compression for the little ones.
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