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I often blurt something out while the ball is traveling toward opponent. Usually, it is commentary on my own crappy shot that still somehow found the court. Usually, I yell out, "Oh, my Gawd." No one has ever complained. If they did claim hindrance, I would give them the point, of course.

A lot of people think that if they talk/yell when they shouldn't, it is an automatic hindrance. That's not the rule. The act has to actually hinder the opponent. If they didn't have a play on the ball or didn't hear it or didn't find it problematic, then it isn't a hindrance.

I have had people come to the net after a long point and offer to surrender the point because they yelled at the wrong time. This shows, IMHO, a lack of understanding of the hindrance rule. If I don't say I was hindered, then that's that.

We had another weird thing happen, unrelated to hindrance.

I was serving to the guy in the deuce court. I missed my first serve. I was trying to use extra slice for the second serve, and I botched it. It went straight toward the woman in the service box, and she deflected it on the fly with her racket.

My partner didn't want to take the point because that's bush. I didn't want to surrender the point because, well, under the rules it was our point. So I explained to them that it was our point but we didn't want to take a point under those circumstances, so we could play a let instead. They cheerfully agreed.

So. That might be the first time I have played a let when the rules are clear about who won the point.
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