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wheatbelly diet :

The Good
Whole foods are recommended on this plan including nuts and vegetables.
No calorie counting necessary.
Frying and fried foods are discouraged.
The notion that processed foods like cookies, cakes, and other such processed foods are overly consumed and contribute many unnecessary calories in our diet.
The Not-So-Good
Many statements made by the author can be refuted or are controversial as seen in this in-depth analysis written by Dr. Julie Jones.
Many healthy foods are eliminated or significantly decreased including whole grains, fruits, and legumes (beans, peas and lentils). Many nutrients and variety is also limited or eliminated from the diet.
It is virtually impossible to follow this plan while traveling or dining out.
Going cold turkey isnít an effective way to teach someone good habits. Many folks will stop this diet just as quickly as they started it.
Fasting for prolonged periods of time is unhealthy and unsafe.
The Bottom Line:
Although the creator of this plan is very motivating and convincing, this diet is just plain unrealistic and unhealthy. Every food (even wheat) can have a place in your healthy eating plan.

One note-the current wheat used here in the US is Hard Red Winter Wheat-called "Express Wheat" its a durum wheat not club white wheat,its very high in protein and has been bred to be rust and disease resistant,," Protein Poverty" is not a good diet.....
I recall seeing that Food Net Work article by Toby Amidor on Dr. Davis's sight. Lots of people wrote in disagreeing with her. Wonder if the Food Network will take up Dr. Davis's debate offer?

"Food Network: FOOD FIGHT!"

...She then posted a request for others to post their experiences. Oh, boy: She got far more than she asked for. Just within a short time, over 250 comments were posted. Among the 250+ comments, I believe there was 1 that agreed, and then only partially. Among the comments posted:...

...Get the idea? And that was just a sampling. Ms. Amidor: You listening? How about you take me up on my offer to have an on-air debate on any TV channel (including Food Network), any time? Iíd be more than willing to debate every issue about wheat that Iíve raised...
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