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Lightbulb caveat emptor (TENNIS ticket buyer beware)

Originally Posted by TonyB View Post
Sometimes you just don't have it. Tipsy realizes this and retires out of frustration.

He knows there's no "comeback". He decides to call it a day. No big deal.

Get a grip. Not everyone wants to fight until the bitter end. That doesn't label him a "quitter" or anything like that. When you play enough matches, you realize that sometimes there is just no coming back from the brink of defeat. So be it. Carry on.
No big deal?

What about the fans who paid their hard earned money buying tickets only to end up getting ripped off watching a QUITTER POS?

Down 28-7 with 5 minutes to go, does Mike Tomlin's Pittsburgh Steelers 'retire'? How about Harbaugh/49'ers? or Coughlin's NYG?

And this quitting vagina is considered a PROFESSIONAL? .... only in tennis ....
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