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Originally Posted by Fuji View Post
I think it has a lot to do with the fact that you don't see yourself play too often. I don't think I look that good as a player, but when I see myself on tape or I am put up to a radar gun it honestly surprises me. I look a lot closer to the people that look great then I think I do while I'm playing. If that makes any sense. When I watch 5.0 guys practice, they seem amazing. When I'm hitting with them however it's a totally different story, I don't feel as though I'm that far away from them. Match play, I lose way more then I win against these higher level guys, but it doesn't seem unreasonable that I will eventually be able to compete with them.

If you look good while playing tennis, count your blessings, Fuji.

When I see myself on film (which has only happened 2-3 times), I am shocked at what a Hot Mess I really am. I mean, the knees are not bent. The arm comes down prematurely on the serve and there is no weight transfer. My shoes must have wads of gum under them, as they seem plastered to the earth most of the time. It seems to take me forever to reach a ball, and nothing before or after looks smooth. It is a friggin' miracle that I can put a ball in the court.

I try to remember this when things are not going well. If I am going to play like that, what can I expect?
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