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Default Guitar gear, musings, opinions..etc thread

Guitar player has such nice gear that i figured id make a thread for all of us players to talk about guitar related stuff.

I sold about all of my gear, and just have an american tele, studio lp and some fender basses (my money makers). I lost all gear lust a long time ago, but now and then i want set up a nice versatile guitar rig that i can jam out with and record on. I have a soft spot for old used tube low watt tube amps. I love to double track a dirty gibson tone and blend in some tele under as well.

GP has the new bogner pedals, and those could be game changers. The bogner distortion sound is one of my all time clean and versatile. Im real minimal so i was thinking of getting a bugera v5 and shoving a drive pedal in front of it, and im done. The few times i do practice anymore, it is on my lp, and it is usually tbone walker and clapton licks. So im really not a gear guy when it comes to music, i keep my tinkering to tennis.

That being said..GP if you dont use that red bogner very much, let me know. I may want to try that bad boy out sometime.

Anyway, feel free to talk guitar/bass as sometimes us gplayers can take over other threads, so why not have one to ourselves.
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