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Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
^^^On a two button coat you do up only the top button, on a three button coat the rule is (top down) sometimes, always, never. The button stance is a bit high for my taste though on that 2011 photo.

I don't think WTF 2012 suits are tailored as they have belt loops (not always a no-no if requested, but traditionally a tailored suit will have side adjusters rather than be worn with a belt (shows it is a bespoke garment)). That's traditionally the Savile Row way. That, and a few of the guys sleeves are too long. I also think they are all slightly different, Murray's looks more like a chalk-stripe, whereas Fed and and Novak look to be more pin-stripe (although it could be the lighting in different photos)

I agree with you but for one point, the point of not having belt loops isn't to 'show' the suit is tailored (unless you're a flash git and point out this fact) it's because belts spoil the line and cut of a bespoke suit.
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