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Match 4 - unrated - 6-4 3-6 7-10

Ugh. I lost yesterday. Devastated. Here's my take on what happened:

It was cold and windy, so we took our time warming up. He's a regular at the park i normally play at but i never really payed attention to how he played. Based on our common matches played and the way i was playing, i put myself as a 10 point favorite. I told Jolly last week about the upcoming match that all i needed to do to win was show up and look good. i was wrong.

I started well, took a 2-0 lead, but then was broken back to 2-2. Went down a break at 3-4 but got it together to pull out the set 6-4. My game was leaking oil. double faults galore, stupid errors. Even though i won the 1st set, i was starting to get impatient. I hit a few winners, but for the most part made errors when i went for it. seemed to start off well in the 2nd set, went up 2-0, but then was broken 4 straight times and lost the set. the wind was blowing from baseline to baseline and i felt more comfortable playing into the wind. serving was a different story. serving into the wind, i couldn't toss the ball far enough into the court and with the wind, i couldn't get enough spin to keep the ball in box. too many double faults. what makes this even worse was he never did anything off the return so there was absolutely no reason to do anything extra. just couldn't get the ball in the box. As the match went on, points got longer, as i think i was more reluctant to try to end it and just was send it back to his backhand corner. and from there there were too many missed opportunities and errors on balls where i was standing at the service line to hit.

i take 4 things from this match:

1) the last time i hit serves was the match last Saturday. i only played 1 time this week due to the storm, but this can't continue. I'm making it a priority to serve at least 3 times a week not counting league or tournament matches. How can i expect something to be effective if i don't use it?

2) I think i've come a long way with consistency and working points, but i still have a long way to go. too many times i went for something that wasn't there and in a close match, every point counts, i lost too many where i didn't do the best i could do.

3) disappointed that i couldn't execute the main thing i've been practicing for months, working a point and being patient.

4) need to add what to do once i have control of a point to the list of things to improve. hitting cross court backhands 3-4 times in row form the service line can't be a good thing. from that position i think there are a lot of options but i need to develop them.

Jolly showed me the proper way to deal with a loss yesterday, so i have that going for me. also from these 4 matches, i've realized that the longer the point goes, the more likely it is that i'll win it. have to figure out how to use this to my advantage.

In other news, bought a pair of vapor 9's off of the bay for $60. Felt my game raise .5 ntrp points just from wearing them around the house today.
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