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Originally Posted by gmatheis View Post
First - this belongs in the equipment section

ok with that out of the way ... I love barricades I just don't love the price. $125 seems kinda pricey to me for tennis shoes so I used to look for a $40 pair of random shoes myself.

Recently I got a pair for a really good deal and they really are awesome. When these wear out I'll probably get another pair of one of the older color schemes that TW lowers the price on. I think they are like $90 which is a little more reasonable.
But 125 is not too bad when you have the 6 month durability.
That is if you can wear them out obviously. I myself go through shoes very quickly (about 2 months max). I have a bad habit of dragging my left feet around so there is always a hole there (right shoe almost always looks new lol).

I currently love the Head Speed Pro (not the new model that TW has but the older one). I also like the new balance 851s, the babolat pro pulse 3s.

My all time favorite tennis shoes were the Reebok Pumps. The one Roddick was wearing back when he was with Reebok. Unfortunately they don't make those anymore...
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