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Originally Posted by Fugazi View Post
I have played high level competitive tennis, and it is indeed very insulting and disappointing when your opponent denies you a proper win by pulling out near the end. It's very anticlimactic.
Different people have different attitudes to this. Clearly, its something that bothers you, but I don't see why it should. With the exception of a final, the only match that has any relevance to me is the last match that I play in any particular tournament. Fully completing a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd round match means as little to me as if my opponent retires at 0-4 in the second set. If an opponent is on his way out and wants to retire, then so be it. There's nothing I gain from from completing it. It would be like playing a 3.5 - you go through the motions but don't gain anything from it. I'd rather save my energy for the next round, and keep my powder dry for something important. Maybe you're just a young buck, but I don't like adding mileage to my body with meaningless matches if I don't have to, because the wear starts accumulating by the time you're 30+.

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