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Default Buying tickets questions

Hey everyone, I have a few questions regarding buying tennis tickets for the grand slam events. Say I want to go to the 2013 French Open and I want to make sure I see a first round Federer match. I guess I would have a couple options (buy all first round tickets at court Philippe Chatrier and hope he plays there, or maybe go there and buy one on the day)? The problems are that buying every first round ticket would be expensive, or I'd have to somehow know which court exactly he's playing and what time that day and hope I can get a ticket on that day. It would just be nice to pay for 1 ticket knowing he's playing in it and that's that (but obviously that's not possible haha).
Basically just could you recommend what's the best way to go about my situation. I want to see Federer in a first round match, the cheapest and most convenient way possible haha. Thanks everyone!! -Will
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