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Originally Posted by HEADfamilydynasty View Post
So HEAD is pulling a Prince-Triple-Threat type angle, except that this puts weight in the handle also?
Triple threat was 10 o'clock, 2 o'clock and buttcap. Nothing new here. Stiffer material, redistributed weight - same technomarketing angle they have all been using since the Pro Staff 85 and Max 200G became 'obsolete.'

Graphite -> high modulus graphite -> DNX/carbon nanotubes/various fullerenes and buckywhatevers -> graphene (I've missed some in the technological progression but these were so irrelevant that they've been lost to history.)

High modulus graphite was being used in the 80s and is three times stiffer than normal graphite. But racquets aren't three times stiffer than they used to be. I wonder why they think we think that materials significantly stiffer than good 'ol graphite are significantly better than good 'ol graphite? Do you think it's because they spend millions each year to pay whip-smart recent college grads to devise clever marketing materials to reinforce this bogus propaganda?

New Instinct looks nice though

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