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Been trying out Platform tennis for a while now and got back on the regular court for the first time since the last post. Interesting game-- it's given me the gift of a flat forehand while unanimously destroying my serve... Back to strings.

I really don't know why I keep trying with this junk. M2 Pro is just not my cup of tea. I really wish I could unload the reel that I have. Strung a fresh set at 52, let it sit for two weeks to stabilize and it still felt akin to cold, hungry, crying, babies. It just really put a damper on my hitting. The 2.00/set Bomber/ogsm combo I had in my other frame felt like natural gut in comparison.

I just can't figure this string out. One hit it's feels nice, another time it feels like I'm playing with steel cable. The past few attempts at stringing it have just been a complete flop-- this stuff is not for me.

The more I think about it, The more I think PVAudio and some other prominent string testers on the boards hit the nail on the head. Find something you're comfortable with and stick with it. My string of choice is still Black 7 for when I have to jump into a match situation but I honestly think that any of the cheaper poly/syn combos I have are winning out in the long run.

Iontec Black/ Kirshbaum Synthetic Gut seems to last me the longest and comes in at ~3.00 a set?
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