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Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post
The rule is really simple...

You cannot yell or even "talk" while the ball is going over to your opponents side of the court. The rules do not distinguish between the type of outburst for simplicities sake and for continuity.

If you pop a ball up and have an "outburst" it is a hindrance.

People seem to think saying "watch out" or "short" or "heads up" somehow makes a difference between saying "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" or "AVADA KEDAVRA!!!". There is no difference.

The only time you can have an "outburst" is when the ball is coming over to your side of the court. In doubles, usually this means using words like "mine", "yours", "deep", or "bounce it".

I await the day where I will have to have the talk with my mixed partner because she always says "watch out". Come playoff time I can see someone calling it on us especially on a critical point. She's a 3.5 national levels player
(shes a 4.0 "B" now) and shes a lawyer. She's like a little "pit bull" lol. She's so much fun to play with. Anyway...
Nope, the bold part is not true.

You can warn your partner to watch out.

You can tell for your partner to stay, or get back, or come in with you.

You can shriek, "Everybody watch out, he's got a gun!!""

It is only a hindrance if your opponents say it was, and if they had any play on the ball. This is why it is silly to come to the net and confess your utterances and offer up the point. It is up to the opponents to decide if they were hindered and call it in a timely way per the Code.

Yes, it is not a good habit to talk while the ball is moving toward the opponents. You are running the risk of a hindrance call by your opponents. Better is to keep quiet. And IMHO, you should warn your partner of a pending smash, and if this means your opponents decide to call a hindrance, then you gracefully accept their decisions.
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