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Originally Posted by KenC View Post
Last night I watched the semifinal of a local 5.0+ tournament and there was this 14yo 5.0 phenom against an 18yo 5.5 topspin monster. The 14yo hit with a modest to normal amount of topspin just to keep the ball in while the 18yo used a full western grip with the typical overworked strokes. Every time the 18yo hit one of the massive topspin FHs the 14yo just nailed it back twice as hard. The massive topspin had no effect on a 14yo. The 14yo won 7-5, 6-3.

I've been noticing a lot of these matchups lately. It seems those who hit with more pace and just enough topspin to keep the ball in are doing more damage than those who try to hit massive topspin. Apparently, all the effort going into hitting massive topspin is robbing them of needed pace.

I know everyone is enamored with topspin, but it begs the questions: Do you really do damage to your opponent with all that topspin? Really? When was the last time a player beat you with topspin?
Topspin is incredibly important. However the problem these days is that kids are trained to ONLY do topspin. To be an all-court player, we need topspin when it calls for it, flat shots when it calls, and slice.

I trained my son on flat shots. Today he got KILLED in a USTA Tourny by a topspin monster, but that is not why he lost.

He lost 6-3, but my sons serves (I just am not a trainer, I can't get him a serve), gave the other kid 2-3 games. My sons serve just lobbed over and the other kid killed it with topspin.

So we are now working on topspin, and slice, when I say "Working", it means hours and hours of work.

The most important thing in Tennis, in my opinion, is movement and shot placement. A guy can KILL a topspin shot over, but if you move, you can do whatever you want with it.

By the way, if whatever losers who have nothing to do but criticize me, I want to be on this forum, I just can't handle the heckling over and over, not reading what I say before commenting. I figured I'm a 5.5, because techically you have to be ranked to be a 6.0, but I figured that since I WAS ranked, should I lower my ranking even though I can beat ranked guys?

I played Justin Bower, he's 34 and went to 2nd round at Wimbledon, he's second only to Fed at the most consecutive weeks without a loss, he's beat Mardy Fish, and he was great, yea, but his shots didn't impress me, it was his movement, after ten minutes I was dead, so yea rank me where you like, I WOULDN'T beat Bower, but I can hold my own, so criticize all you want, it's fact.
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