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Originally Posted by Mick3391 View Post
Topspin is incredibly important. However the problem these days is that kids are trained to ONLY do topspin. To be an all-court player, we need topspin when it calls for it, flat shots when it calls, and slice.

I trained my son on flat shots. Today he got KILLED in a USTA Tourny by a topspin monster, but that is not why he lost.

He lost 6-3, but my sons serves (I just am not a trainer, I can't get him a serve), gave the other kid 2-3 games. My sons serve just lobbed over and the other kid killed it with topspin.

So we are now working on topspin, and slice, when I say "Working", it means hours and hours of work.

The most important thing in Tennis, in my opinion, is movement and shot placement. A guy can KILL a topspin shot over, but if you move, you can do whatever you want with it.

By the way, if whatever losers who have nothing to do but criticize me, I want to be on this forum, I just can't handle the heckling over and over, not reading what I say before commenting. I figured I'm a 5.5, because techically you have to be ranked to be a 6.0, but I figured that since I WAS ranked, should I lower my ranking even though I can beat ranked guys?

I played Justin Bower, he's 34 and went to 2nd round at Wimbledon, he's second only to Fed at the most consecutive weeks without a loss, he's beat Mardy Fish, and he was great, yea, but his shots didn't impress me, it was his movement, after ten minutes I was dead, so yea rank me where you like, I WOULDN'T beat Bower, but I can hold my own, so criticize all you want, it's fact. made a point, but I can't understand what's this bit of self-defence all about. It's like you were preparing for a shower of criticism.
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