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Originally Posted by rk_sports View Post
Turns out I heard about that bulletproof coffee watching a Joe Rogan's podcast and started to read more about it and found this bulletproof diet ... anyways, what was your experience in terms of health feedback for using bulletproof coffee? by tried I assume you don't have it anymore... any specific reason?
Not sure what you mean by health feedback. I probably didn't try it for a long enough period of time to really make a call on it.

I will say it puts off appetite extremely well though. The appetite suppression of coffee along with the very filling fat of the butter makes it pretty easy to go a long time without eating (the MCT's give you a quick burst of energy, they digest fast so that plus caffeine keeps you going in the morning)

I found it very tasty, but it wasn't particularly in line with my goals or the diet I chose to follow (though similar in spirit). Like I said earlier, the dude calls for massive amounts of MCT and butter in the coffee, and MCT oil can get expensive. It did make drinking the coffee very easy though. Now that I'm more or less used to the taste, I can have it with just a tbsp of MCT oil and leave out the butter.

Basically I couldn't get past or accept the notion of consuming massive amounts of calories via fat and protein and allow ketosis or ketogenesis make up for the surplus

Once in a while i'll have the butter though (1-2 tbsp max), an example might be if because of my sleeping and eating schedule I haven't had a meal in over 14 hours (such as last food consumed at 8pm, wake up at 10 the next day).

If you're interested in it, be sure to get the good quality butter, kerrygold unsalted for example
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