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Originally Posted by datsveryinterestin View Post
well, i bought the ig speeds.
mainly so if auzzie dares to challenge the reigning king of twmac (due to defaults and 10minute challenge windows) ... i have more than one weapon in my bag to battle him.

maybe i should get some aerostorms and change my name to Jerzy.. and grow 8 more inches. (thats what she said....WOOOOOOOO)

i wonder how much the checks from kia are going to be... should be around $350 for the kia soul but that means it will end up being 20bucks so i won't get my hopes up.
as long as the car's accelerator cable doesn't snap and hook onto the engine cover like my krappy ford did... ill be happy!

going on a trip this weekend with baby and dog. with all of the gear... not enough room. i should have bought a 2013 santa fe. guess we can strap the dog on top like mitt!
Challenge accepted
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