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Originally Posted by Pickle9 View Post
If the ball is over my head to the bh side, then I swing at it like a little kid going after a piņata.
I have a doubles partner that does this...and very well. So well, in fact, we've given it a name: "The Hammer." She swings it like one might a sledgehammer, especially if you're alternating swing sides. Truthfully, though, she's a natural lefty playing it's really more of a two-handed OH.

As to the question, posed by the OP...I'm probably more equal (equally bad?), with each wing have different "winning" capabilities. The BH volley seems to be more innate with an eh-go-for-it approach...where placement or power isn't necessarily the winning attribute. The "surprise" of it is what usually catches opponents flat-footed (remember we're talking womens 3.5 play here. ). The FH volley is more calculated and can generally be placed better with more power or touch.
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