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Originally Posted by dennis10is View Post
I have to try platform tennis soon.
You'd love the general game play but I'm not sure you'd like the balls coming low off the screen.

Originally Posted by lynnbart View Post
I broke a string tonight in a racket that had ProLine 2 in it and grabbed a racket that we hadn't used in awhile. Black Iontec crossed with PSGO. I'm not sure why I don't just buy a reel of Black Iontec and quit messing around with others. It still played very well and comfortable and it is amazingly durable...
I find that it works really well in a poly/syn hybrid. It's one of the few polys I can't notch-break in under 4 hours. I've played it with Kirshbaum Syn, OGSM and hollow core so far and the only combination I didn't like was the hollow core.Any slick syngut will work really nicely.
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