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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
The only players considered above Nadal in history today by anyone are people with 11 slams or more.
Not true. For example Steve Flink thinks that Kramer is above Nadal even though Kramer won 3 slams (the source is Flink's book "Greatest matches of all time" published this year).

So yes it seems pretty obvious Djokovic would need to atleast match Nadal's slam count for anyone to rate him higher.
No. As you can see (look above) it's far from obvious.

As for the Player of the Year awards the ATP board at the time hated Connors so those in the 70s were just as irrelevant. It is a more a reflection on them than the ranking system.
Connors was the Year-End No. 1 in 1977. Can you tell me one expert who said that Connors was the real No. 1 in 1977?

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