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Default Maybe our USTA 12s aren't so bad

See this recap:

Claire was one of the 12-year-olds our current recluse TCF, slammed for style and technique. (But actually, her style and technique are both fantastic)....And now here she is winning matches vs a major D1 college player.

Interesting also about 12 yo Claire's comment about encountering moon balls from the college player, "She'd rally a little bit and then start moonballing. When I usually play, nobody really moonballs anymore." Claire and AbbyD had a recent 3 set war in the Nike finals that I'll tell you, did not feature any moonballs. Both girls hit aggressively and move forward at every opportunity.

And a hat tip to Brooke Austin who won the event, becoming the first Junior to do so!

And it goes a lot deeper than these three. There are a lot of tough players playing USTA events at every age group in both boys and girls.
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