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Originally Posted by joeri888 View Post
It's not. As you may know, I am a big Federer fan, above being a tennisfan. After that, I don't care if it's Nadal, Djoker or Murray who falls. I like new faces and think tennis needs them. I loved Paris last week. You on the other hand, just hate tennis but love Nadal.

Even if it's Federer facing Nadal in a quarter, however scary that is.. I'd like the dynamics to change. I don't ever said I like Nadal to be injured. Au contraire. However, a ranking change can lead to some possible interesting events next year. I don't see how my post constitutes as pathetic. Certainly coming from you with your negativity towards Nadal, that says a lot. You said worse things about Rafa than I ever did, but it's okay since you love him secretly right?

I really hope that happens if Nadal is going to drop to #5.
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