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Originally Posted by sundaypunch View Post
High school sports are not in place to produce champion athletes. It is more about giving kids access to sports and being part of a team.

Let's also not forget that the best tennis players don't even bother with HS tennis.
Yes, I agree. I have come to the same realization as well....that the mission of high school sports is to give access (inclusiveness) for kids to participate in sports however the varying levels of skills.

High school tennis is really hit or miss, it depends on several factors, how well the program is funded, how it is supported by the school and community, it is a wide spectrum. You have schools and communities that are well to do, have immaculate courts to play on, with players wearing nice uniforms, have great coaching, then you have the other side that is totally the opposite....possibly in the same league. You'll be lucky if you are in a strong league and the tournament playing kids eventually rises to the top for the league championships which leads them to the State Championship anyway.
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