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Originally Posted by chatt_town View Post
...I have though learned in the last couple of years that much of my back soreness came because of my shoes.
Sorry to burst your bubble but I seriously doubt your new shoes fixed your back problems, pure placebo effect. It's like when you get a new racket and you play great for a few days--until that first loss--then it's back to the same old game.

To anyone with back issues read any book by Dr. John E. Sarno, eminent back doctor at NYU hospital and recently featured in a Forbes article as America's best physician.

Personally my body and back feels the absolute BEST! when I am wearing NO shoes playing on grass courts.

For the shoe discussion, I'm now wearing Asics, the last shoe I wore when I was running marathons. Back then they were made in Japan, now they're made in China like everything else on the planet, but they're still engineered in Japan.

I was hoping to live out my playing years and be buried in my old Wilson Pro Staff Classics Mesh, until they redesigned and ruined them inside but they looked identical externally.
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