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Originally Posted by BirdieLane View Post
See this recap:

Claire was one of the 12-year-olds our current recluse TCF, slammed for style and technique. (But actually, her style and technique are both fantastic)....And now here she is winning matches vs a major D1 college player.

Interesting also about 12 yo Claire's comment about encountering moon balls from the college player, "She'd rally a little bit and then start moonballing. When I usually play, nobody really moonballs anymore." Claire and AbbyD had a recent 3 set war in the Nike finals that I'll tell you, did not feature any moonballs. Both girls hit aggressively and move forward at every opportunity.

And a hat tip to Brooke Austin who won the event, becoming the first Junior to do so!

And it goes a lot deeper than these three. There are a lot of tough players playing USTA events at every age group in both boys and girls.
I agree in Georgia we have some really good under 12s girls. I dont see many kids hitting moonballs in the 12s division.I do see alot of BAD technique but not hardly any moonballs.As far as picking any one to make it no one knows. At 12 its just way too early to have a clue what they will be at 18 when it matters.
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