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Originally Posted by mahgeetah View Post
The thing that always annoys me is how when the season ends maybe 20% of the guys even bother to say thanks to me for captaining. It would be nice if more people realized that it's a good deal of work to schedule and confirm matches every week.

There's always a bunch of flakes out there. The hardest thing to do is get people who have never played before to play. I would just take for granted that anyone new that you ask to play is going to say no. Last year I had a guy who had played with me the previous year give me three names of guys who "seriously" wanted to play. Two of the three didn't have the class to respond to my emails and the other declined to play.

The guy who have me the three contacts of interested players no showed for the first match of the season and fall off the face of the earth for the rest of the season. I saw on Facebook that he was alive and well so I guess he was embarrassed about no showing and couldn't deal with apologizing.

My guys this season have done a very good job of responding to my emails. Of course they have all played USTA before and two of them have captained before. Being a captain is generally fun but it would be nice if more people would thank you for putting the team together.
Usually I get 40-50% "thank yous" but I would be happy with zero percent if people just responded to emails, show up when they say they are going to show up, remember to pay their dues without having to ask 10 times.
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