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Originally Posted by crosscourt View Post
I like him too. I think he did well at WBA and has done well with Chelsea so far. I am not sure that Guardiola's skills necessarily transfer to Chelsea. The concern that I think Chelsea's management must have about dI Matteo is whether he is sufficiently pragmatic and/or flexible to succeed consistently in the way they want.
I'm with you, bringing Guardiola in is a risk. He had a great record at Barcelona, but i'm sure most managers would with the players he had to work with. Barcelona are also his club, they are like a family and everyone gets the same philosophy taught to them from a very young age.

I'm not really sure it would work at Chelsea if i'm honest. Di Matteo is like our own version and I believe a better fit. He's young, knows what the fans want as he is one himself, plays attractive football, the players respect him etc.. I think he just needs to be given the players he needs, obviously he needs a striker, and a couple of midfielders with Essien and Meireles leaving, Lampard is going to need to be replaced.

Guardiola had everything he wanted at Barcelona, Abramovich should give Di Matteo what he needs to get the job done here.
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