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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
No hitting change? Racket angle, trajectory, etc.?
Not for me. I hit with a fair amount of slicers.

The one key is when people say "follow the ball", the main thing is to bend your knees and get low with lower sliced/sidespin balls. The whole sit and lift thing basically.

If you prep early, and are ready, when you get low by bending your knees, you can many times attack slices that are not hit perfectly. The slice is a tough shot to hit skidding and low every time, so once you start to punish a slicer, it really gets in their head and gets you more sitters.

The same goes for topspin/side. Its all prep. at the highest levels it can be very tricky to time out for the first few games.

If you want to be real interested in how heavy heavy spin affects pros, watch a guy play Nadal for the first time. I have seen matches like this and usually the first set is the opponent basically just trying to get the timing. By set 2, they have the timing, but it is too late to recover.
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