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Originally Posted by Mitch Bridge View Post
Mirroring college tennis doesn't limit the amount of players that can be in the tennis program. You can have several JV teams and Frosh/Soph teams with parent/coach volunteers.

If high school sports don't produce professional athletes then where did all of the HS football and basketball players play? We need to have some of that in tennis. Team tennis will help tennis popularity.
There already is a well established system for juniors with a hope of turning pro - USTA tennis. None of the serious tennis juniors in the USA have any interest in playing for their local HS team.

It's not that HS sports don't produce professional athletes. They just don't produce professional tennis players. Elite players end up at an academy, not a high school.

Comparing HS football and basketball to tennis is a flawed analogy. For these sports playing in HS then a D1 college is the conventional route to turning pro. That's not the case with tennis. Also, these sports have very large rosters on the HS team. This is in line with the mission of HS sports. Reducing a varsity tennis team to a handful of players serves no useful purpose.
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