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I never got around to trying it, but the Discho Iontec Salmon is more glassy hard on the surface than SS, and it is reported to have good tension stability. It seems like it would be a more spin friendly cross than SS. It's definitely not as dent resistant as PTP, nothing is!

WC Scorpion is a more spin friendly cross than SS, but loses a fair share of control later in its life. Still much more stable than PTP though.
I should note another string:

MSV Co-Focus: much more dent resistant and slick than SS. The kevlar slides very easily across it, and it doesn't notch. It gets springy later in its life though. It was the easiest to use out of those that I mentioned since it had that awesome unbelievable spin, and a nice bit of power with the heavy SW (occasional kick serves and forehand jumping beyond belief).

That might be the better direction to go. I am going to order some more of the 1.18 myself since Scorpion starts to lose its hallmark control as it ages, and doesn't provide enough spin/power to counteract (it loses tension but doesn't gain that much power).
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