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Originally Posted by leroy_sunset View Post
I called a hindrance on an opponent in my Friday match. She kept yelling out "short" to warn her partner that I was going to smash her weak lobs. When I called it she flipped, and said "I'm allowed to talk until the ball crosses the net and is on your side of the court." Bzzzz, wrong. I ended up calling it a 'warning' and we played on, even though there are no warnings with hindrances. She would not relent her incorrect position, and we still had a lot of tennis to play. Not worth it for a mixed doubles match.

She did it at least 3 more times that match, albeit quiter (which irked me) but I did not consider it loud enough to hinder. After we won, I showed her partner The Code entry and asked him to inform her on his own time.
But . . . *why* did you call her on it?

Were you genuinely hindered? Did you start lining up your shot and then not play the ball? If you didn't play the smash, how could you chalk it up to being a warning? If you call a hindrance, then the point is over and it is your point.

Are you so distractable that the rather common event of someone warning of an impending smash that it could make you miss?
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