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Originally Posted by JAY1 View Post
Yes I agree from a score point of view, but the first set v Vilas he dominated to such an extent he was going to walk through the match, then he let the crowd get to him.
But after reading 'Dan's' post, I did'nt realise he was injured v Borg in 77 Wimb final.
The reason I posted this was when I used to play full-time I could look at past matches and think "Ok that was a close match and it was 50 - 50 but that's the way the cookie crumbles". But with other matches i could objectivly look back at them and think, "If I hadn't had been injured, been put off by a few bad line calls, choked etc etc", I should have won this match"! It does'nt mean i'm right, but it's a feeling every player has!
Yes, Connors was practising against Newcombe the day before the Wimbledon final in '77, when Connors threw down his raquet and said that he would not play the final because his thumb was bothering him, injured against Tanner (?). Newk talked him into continuing. Connors nearly won the final, but perhaps his hand prblem was the difference.

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