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Originally Posted by krosero View Post
Where did you read or hear that these injuries took place just prior to the finals?

Connors fractured his right thumb three weeks before the '77 Wimbledon final against Borg. He injured his leg in his first match of the '75 Wimbledon, two weeks (of course) before the final (and he went through to the final without dropping a set).

There's no point in bringing up injuries if they're not described correctly.

What's your source for this?

Danzig mentions nothing about an injury in his report in the NY Times. In fact when he describes Newcombe's play in the second set he says that Newk was serving love games and returning better than Stolle.
I was using Newk's TV interview as a source, but it looks like you have better sources here.
As for the 1966 Forest Hills final, this was mentioned for sure in the media of the time. Danzig almost never mentioned injuries or health issues.
Newk won the first set, and was doing well in the second, when he clearly sprained his ankle. One reporter said, Fred had found himself on the losing end of finals so many times, that it was good to see him get a break for a change.
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